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Real Squash - are you ready?
November 20, 2017
The second Real Squash test at F1 courts November 24-25.
Salming Real squash is a fresh take on squash tournaments, the way it was meant to be. You will be tested over 3 close, hopefully long matches, with sufficient time to rehydrate your body, and recharge your mind in between matches. 
First matches Friday 24.11 from 17:00. 
Day two matches from 10:00.
All matches best of 5 games.
This is a A level ranking tournament.
Entry fee 20EUR. 
Entry deadline Wednesday November 22, 20:00. 
Entries to
Why you should play in this tournament:
The International  Singles Squash rules:
Rule 2.3 : A match is normally the best of 5 games, but maybe the best of 3 games.
Are you playing REAL squash, or just squash...
Squash is fun at any level, but the real game is different.  The real game is best of 5 games.
Squash is a true test. It tests your level of play, it tests your level of speed, it tests your level of stamina, it tests your character. If you have ever played a close match to best of 5 games, you know what we mean. The Final points in a long 5 game match, does not only test your character, but it is also a rare opportunity to reach your high and stretch beyond it.  You will probably exit that  court a better player, and a better person, even if you lost. And if you won.... One of the greatest feelings in squash is winning in 5. 
But win or lose, a great 5-game match is always a major step ahead. It is something you cannot reach or simulate in practice, and certainly not playing best of 3 games matches.  Learning to deal with this level of nerves, tension, emotions and tiredness, and still perform well in the final points, takes time. It has to be experienced in a REAL squash match many times over.
Salming Real squash will give you this opportunity. So the next time you find yourself in the final points of the 5 game in an important match, you’ve been there before. You will be ready.
Ready to get ready?
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