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LSF kauss 5. posms (27.04.2019)

17. Latvijas čempionāts skvošā junioriem un senioriem

ENRI skvoša vakari
10. Latvijas čempionāts skvošā – spēļu grafiki vīriešiem un sievietēm
Janvāris 27, 2012
Spēļu grafiki un SPĒĻU LAIKI sestdienas spēlēm vīriešiem un sievietēm.

10. Latvijas čempionāts skvošā – spēļu grafiki vīriešiem un sievietēm


Šā gada 27.–28.janvārī (sestdien un svētdien) Zelta Boulinga centra kortos par uzvaru cīnīsies spēlētāji sekojošās klasēs:
Vīrieši Open: Šeit.

Vīrieši B:      Šeit.
Vīrieši C: Kvalifikācija: Šeit.
Vīrieši C :     Šeit. 
Sievietes Open:   Šeit.  
Sievietes B:       Šeit. 

Visiem spēlētājiem, kas ir jaunāki par 19 gadiem, nepieciešamas aizsargbrilles!






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employing anyone to sabotage boats or allowing boats you reasonably presume to have been sabotaged to leave harbour is a criminal act. That’s all there is too it. There are people involved here who need to be charged even if only to give them the opportunity to clear their names. Its called the law and none of us are above it.Anthony, a few points: &#8220;employing anyone to sabotage boats or allowing boats you reasonably presume to have been sabotaged to leave harbour is a criminal act. That’s all there is too it.&#8221;If the boats being sabotaged in Indonesia, as you assert they were, then it is a crime under Indonesian law, triable by Indonesian courts, not Australian courts. Australian law claims little extaterritorial authority over Australian citizens when they are overseas. It does so for money laundering, bribery under the Corporations law, and sex with minors, but not for murder, unless the offence was partly planned in Australia, and the same for sabotaging boats in foreign ports.However if Australian officials were involved in such a criminal and dangerous act in the supposed performance of their official duties then there would be, I am sure, some provision in the Commonwealth Criminal Code for misconduct/ abuse of office.&#8220;There are people involved here who need to be charged even if only to give them the opportunity to clear their names. Its called the law and none of us are above it.&#8221;That is not the law at all. The law requires that those alleging a crime have the onus on them, and on them exclusively, to produce the evidence of the crime by those whom they accuse of the crime, with each element of the crime being proved, on admissible evidence (no hearsay, for example) beyond reasonable doubt.The onus is never on the accused to do anything. They can remain silent throughout. They never have the onus to clear their names. The law does afford them the opportunity, during the trial, to attack the prosecution&#8217;s evidence at every point so as to cast doubt upon it, or any part of it, sufficient to cast reasonable doubt on any part of the elements of the alleged crime which the prosecution must prove to obtain a conviction. If they do so they are entitled to an acquittal. That doesn&#8217;t mean that they have to clear their names &#8211; i.e. prove their innocence. This has been our law for at least the last three hundred years.If you have admissible evidence which you believe would prove beyond reasonable doubt that any Australian was guilty of an offence which would attract the jurisidiction of an Australian court in respect of sabotaging refugee boats in Indonesia you really should tell the Commonwealth Attorney General. And share it with us as well, of course. Your suspicions of criminal wrongdoing, though, are not enough to warrant a trial of those you suspect so that they are afforded the opportunity to clear their names by satisfying you, if that were ever possible, that your suspicions are unfounded.

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wcIekFffTIoKfKlnUqt : 29.05.2012 - 08:30
The boat broke up in international waters, contra what Howard claimed during the election campaign, probably a conscious lie.The boat sank 70 to 80 kilometres off the coast of Java, in a storm, thousands of kilometres from Australia. Are you saying that it is our responsibility for that? By that reasoning if a ferry sinks off the coast of Chile, on its way to one of its Pacific islands then Australia is responsible for that and if we did not have naval vessels in hand to rescue its passengers criminal charges should be laid against members of our naval forces for their dereliction of duty. It happened well within waters that we had under the most active surveillance through Operation Relex.So what? Do you say that makes us in any way responsible for its sinking or failure to participate in the rescue? We have quite a lot off our vast coast, and beyond, under active surveillance. For illegal fishing and drug importation and down in the Antarctic during the annual Japanese ritual attempt at whale slaughter.It is simple lunacy to say that wherever that surveillance fails and, say, an unfortunate illegal fishing boat, or drug smuggling vessel or Japanese whaling ship founders in the perils of the ocean, far from our shores, without us noticing it, we are in any way morally or legally culpable for that. But that is the argument you are advancing, to the point where you have joined with Anthony on wanting to hold show trials, without evidence, so that people who he and you have not named will be forced to prove their innocence of his unspecified charges of wrongdoing.This is what I wrote about SIEVX in 2005. Nothing has changed since then. 1. An unseaworthy fishing boat left an Indonesian port grossly overloaded with passengers intent on traveling to the Australian territory of Christmas Island, (although the destination planned may have originally been the Australian mainland) where they intended to claim asylum as refugees.2. There is evidence that a number of the passengers were coerced onto the boat by threats at gunpoint from Indonesian police.3. There is evidence that the passengers were aware of the hazardous condition of the boat but that they could have left the boat after it left port. 23 of them disembarked onto an island in Indonesian territorial waters. The other passengers chose not to do so but instead recklessly chose to continue their voyage to Christmas Island.4. The boat foundered in the ocean swell somewhere in international waters off Indonesia. The distance off the Indonesian coast is undetermined but may be as close as 70 kilometres (Tony Kevin suggests 80kms). The boat was within Indonesia’s maritime search and rescue zone.5. The boat was at no time within Australian territorial waters or maritime search and rescue zone.6. There is no evidence of any Australian involvement in arranging for the embarkation of the passengers.7. While there is evidence of Australian awareness of the departure of the boat from its Indonesian port in southern Sumatra there is no evidence of Australian awareness of its entry into international waters, or that it was in distress or that it was foundering.8. There is no reliable evidence that Australian naval vessels were anywhere near the boat when it foundered or that they could have taken any action to assist its passengers as it was foundering.There needs to be a judicial enquiry. It should be conducted by the Indonesian judiciary. The inquiry should look into the people-smuggling racket, which could not have occurred on their soil without the connivance of Indonesian officials, into the overloading of an unseaworthy boat to hazardous levels, into the failure of Indonesian officials to stop the boat from leaving port, let alone their territorial waters, their failure to monitor the boat’s progress, their failure to render prompt assistance when it got into distress, their failure to dispatch naval vessels to rescue the passengers after the boat sank and above all into the role of Indonesian officials of coercing passengers onto the boat at gunpoint.I cannot see, however, that there is any basis for an Australian judicial inquiry into an event that occurred outside Australian territorial waters to people for whom we had no more responsibility than we would to any Indonesian fishing vessel which foundered while fishing off Indonesia’s coast. Properly conducted any such inquiry would have to look at issues properly covered by an Indonesian inquiry and would infringe Indonesian sovereignty.

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ggjwpSxLRkJbTs : 18.05.2012 - 11:17
Dear Friends,Two art exhibitions about and by refugees in Brisbane will be on show simultaneously at The Studio, State Library of Queensland, 15-23 October 2011 to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the SIEV X drownings. I&#8217;m helping to co-ordinate volunteer sitters for these exhibitions. Can you help? Open: 10am to 5pm. Two half-day shifts (10am &#8211; 1.30pm and 1.30pm &#8211; 5pm) daily for volunteers. If you&#8217;d like to contribute as sitter, please add your name to roster and return it to me by Wednesday 12 October.If being sitter&#8217;s not a goer, you&#8217;re very welcome to attend the exhibition and the two events, detailed in attached flyer. Please feel free to send on flyer; we hope to have as many people as possible at exhibition and events.Many thanks.MaureenTel: 3378-7852

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